Outfit: Fair Jewellery by Jimani Collections.

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I never thought much about jewellery. I don’t even own that many jewellery pieces, and if I do, they were bought second hand or they are unique handmade items from design markets. I don’t even own a single piece of expensive gold jewellery. In fact, if someone were to break into my house and try to rob me, I bet they’d be pretty sad! Nonetheless I know of course that like all other pieces of clothing (and most of the goods we use on a daily basis), costume jewellery and even gold or silver is far from being ethically produced.

The Jimani Collections necklace that you see in my pictures has been produced in Kenya, a country where approximately 50% of all women still cannot read or write. Jennifer Bentley, Jimani’s founder, has been living there for over ten years now and puts all her efforts into sponsoring vocational training for these women. Through exactly this kind of training, the women should be offered a sustainable income and a long-term perspective. The makers of the jewellery pieces are paid a fair income and Jimani Collections supports the local economy by mainly buying the material from a market in Nairobi.

The costume jewellery is super pretty, delicate and apart from metal, some pieces are even made with wonderful natural materials such as olive wood. My necklace is made of brass beads and glass beads in various sizes. It’s ideal for me – delicate enough to be worn in a daily basis. For me, it doesn’t even need to be a super expensive precious metal. I like it more when a jewellery piece comes with a story.

What about you, fair fashionistas – do you like to wear jewellery? And where do you buy it?

Necklace with glass beads – Jimani*
High-neck top – American Apparel

Jimani Collections Fairtrade Necklace | Fair Fashion | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Sustainable Fashion Blog Cactus | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Sustainable Fashion Blog all pictures by Florian Topf