The Best Second Hand Stores in Berlin.

The best second hand stores in Berlin | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Sustainable Fashion Blog

My Second Hand online shopping guide ist ever so popular with you guys, but within the last year I have first and foremost discovered my love for shopping in physical stores. Since I mainly shop offline nowadays and have encountered many a question about where I find my clothes, today is the perfect day to present you the best second hand stores in Berlin.

Made in Berlin

Neue Schönhauser Str. 19 – 10178 Berlin

I think I have seen Made in Berlin for the first time on Shopping Queen, a German TV show. To me, this is one of the Berlin vintage institutions. You should really check this one out when you are in Berlin, the selection of clothing from all decades is tremendous.

Dress Code

Nostitzstraße 25 – 10961 Berlin

We have more or less stumbled upon Dress Code unintentionally one day, but well, that was a nice encounter! A small but gorgeous selection of vintage and second hand clothes is hung all around the charming store. Besides that, there is also a good choice of accessories and pieces that are designed in house.

Pick & Weight

Alte Schönhauser Str. 30 – 10119 Berlin

In this store, you can shop vintage by the kilo. On the clothes, there are various coloured markers indicating the price per kilo of your selected item. You can weigh them and check out the price before you buy. This is the place where I found my velvet fedora hat.


Bergmannstraße 102 – 10961 Berlin

Colours has a similar concept to that I just mentioned above, but on a much bigger scale. And I suppose it is even cheaper than Pick & Weight. I love Colours and whenever I am in Bergmannkiez, I have to stop by and dig my way through the clothes. If I would write a Berlin travel guide, this store would definitely be in it. The last time I went there, I have bought a gorgeous pyjama top made from deep red satin  for just a few Euros. And yes, I mainly wear it during the daytime. ;)


Alexanderstraße 7 – 10178 Berlin

There are several Humana stores all around Berlin (and around the world), but my favourite is the one near Alexanderplatz. It’s a bit smaller than the flagship store at Frankfurter Tor (and flagship is just the right word when you are talking about 4 floors of second hand clothing), but its smaller brother is equally as nice. Every single time that I am there, I will definitely find something I like. Something I have never dreamed of ever wanting. In this store, I have discovered this 70s dream, my 90s mermaid dress or even my black slip dress (for 3€!).