Stay Home All Day: Everything You Need for a Fair and Vegan Home Spa Weekend.

I’m sure you know the situation: The weekend you longed for finally arrives and you expect to be woken up by soft sunshine, you open your eyes… and it is raining cats and dogs outside. All plans to go anywhere that that day are immediately cancelled – no way you are going outside today! But don’t worry, this is just the perfect weekend to do yourself some good, stay in bed as much as you want, lounge around and really, really indulge in some home spa goodness.

To be prepared for any weekend of that kind in the future, I have put together an essential shopping list of my personal fair, vegan and sustainable home spa favourites:

KURE BAZAAR nail polish / ROESCH bathrobe / LAVERA coconut body lotion / GREENLEAF scented candle / COWSHED calming body scrub / OGNX tank top / PIJAMA sleeping mask / ARMEDANGELS leggings