Berlin Fashion Week: Rebekka Ruétz Fall/Winter 2016.

How does Berlin Fashion Week always go by so incredibly fast? I cannot even believe it! This season, once again, I have totally fallen for the Rebekka Ruétz Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The Austrian born designer finds inspiration in her home country for almost all the work she does – it’s like a well of inspiration that just doesn’t run dry, no matter what you do. Besides the wonderful countryside of Tyrol, “So close, so far“, Ruétz’ fall/winter collection, draws inspiration from the themes of radical change and metamodernism. Her “cutting edge couture” captivates with a unique mix of materials, feminine cuts and handmade statement belts. The silhouettes play with cinched waists, curvy hips and long sweeping skirts.  What really made this collection stand out for me was the cool colour palette with shades of black, graphite, cloud grey, dirty white and icy blue.

Click through the slideshow to see my favourite looks!

all photos © Getty Images