Welcome to Hell: Pre-Christmas Shopping Horror.

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Pre-Christmas time is equivalent to pure stress for the most of us – getting a present for that one aunt we only see at Christmas anyway, finding a little something for that one friend we also only meet once a year and who’ll be upset if she ends up with nothing… No matter where you live, the massive amount of people searching for presents, totally sucked up by and actively participating in a consumption craze, are inevitable these days. Back in the day, when I was working as a sales assistant, I even looked forward to these days full of work.

Now, seeing it from a customer’s point of view, I cannot stand these crazy Christmas shopping days any more. Of course I could shop Christmas presents online and avoid the crowd. But of course I want to be sucked into the glittering winter wonderland and listen to ‘Last Christmas’ at least once a year, too. Which unavoidably makes me one of the millions of people squeezing through the hallways of shiny department stores. And even if you already know, very roughly, what you are looking for, the lack of motivated sales assistants (and no, I do not blame them – the percentage of impossibly dumb customers seems to skyrocket before Christmas) makes it hard to find anything on these crowded, glittery days. We spent three hours in KaDeWe last Saturday trying to find all we needed and we had known what we were looking for. Imagine the horror of someone who has no idea which presents to get! And even if you are fine with the millions of other people trying to Christmas shop at the same time as you, the fun is definitely over when you are squeezed on a platform with 200 other people and having to wait for two trains to pass because people won’t stop squeezing themselves into the trains with their 5-10 Primark bags (because we’re not getting our family quality gifts anymore, we are getting them more more more gifts instead).

Buying presents for your loved ones to make them happy – fair enough. But shopping like there’s no tomorrow? Not really okay. Of course I like to take one pre-Christmas weekend and dive into the world of glittery consumerism, but the rest of the time I love to enjoy on cute Christmas markets or in my cosy home – preparing homemade surprises for the whole family. I started the DIY presents when I was a poor student without money, but with a lot of time on my hands, and the tradition has stayed until today. I know you’re curious about what it will be this year – so stay tuned until a few days before Christmas – because it will also make a great last minute gift too! ;)