3 Good Reasons to Shop Second Hand.

3 good reasons to shop second hand | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog

1. Save the World: Give clothes a second life and reduce waste

Thrift shopping is the most sustainable way to buy clothes. Even when you decide to shop fair trade clothes that are produced in the most climate-friendly way possible, you still need to use a significant amount of resources. The less we produce, the better. Whenever I need something new or just want to shop for the fun of it (yes, I still do that a lot!), I visit my favourite thrift stores before I try my luck in conventional shops. And more and more of them even offer nice vintage or upcycled collections where I occasionally find the perfect piece.

2. Save Money: Get dressed on the cheap

To prevent useless and brainless (as mentioned above) shopping, I have set myself a fixed  clothing budget every month. On average, second hand is around 50% cheaper than buying new and unused clothes. MOre clothes for less money! Or more money left to save up for your next investment piece or in a fancy dinner.

3. Be Unique: Look out for the perfect vintage piece

Whenever you are shopping in a conventional store, the chance of someone else having the exact same outfit is pretty high. In a second hand shop or thrift store, the chance of finding a unique piece you have never seen before is a million times higher. For example, I thrifted a very fancy pair of black glitter booties and an incredible fringe leather jacket (with lace-up details!) that I get asked about every single time I wear them. Even if you like to always shop the latest trends, you can be sure to find them online: My second hand shopping guide will help you find the best places to shop the trends!

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