You might already know that winters here in Berlin can be painstakingly cold. Since I have always been somebody who starts to freeze at the slightest drop of temperature, this year I have started my search for the perfect winter coat a little earlier than usual. Remember that post about vegan winter coats a few weeks ago? Yes, that’s how long I have been searching already. My search has come to a close recently, when I more accidentally than on purpose, I stumbled upon the pretty parkas made by HoodLamb.


HoodLamb makes their casual winter jackets and parkas from all natural hemp. The hemp is sourced from small farmers in northern China, which is also where HoodLamb parkas are produced. The company pays special attention to working conditions in their factories. To make their coats super warm and vegan, their lined with the softest and fluffiest faux fur I have ever seen (and touched and worn). To everyone out there screaming, “but how can fake fur ever be as warm as fur or down?” – just trust me. Or try it on. I had to take mine off after a few minutes inside because it was so freaking warm! HoodLamb is also the official outfitter of well-known marine conservation organisation SeaSheperd. If they don’t need super warm apparel out there, who does?

But because I – and most probably you too – will spend the winter mainly in the city, I have also prepared a few pairs of super chic boots for you to shop with your parka. Their made by The No Animal Brand, an all-vegan footwear and accessory brand from Germany.

And by the way, I have chosen the classic HoodLamb parka in army green. You will definitely see it here on WHAT PIXIES WEAR when the temperatures drop below zero. Hopefully not too soon! ;)