Since my search for the perfect, vegan and sustainable between-seasons coat wasn’t exactly what I would call successful, I want to introduce you to a very special fashion label today: Vaute Couture. Vaute was founded in NYC seven years ago and produces vegan and locally-made fashion. Their specialty: vegan winter coats.

The chic coats and jackets are made without wool or any other animal-derived material and instead keep you warm with state-of-the-art man-made fibres. And they’re stylish, too! The modern and innovative materials are windproof, super thin and were made to brave even the cold Chicago winters. Why Chicago? That’s where founder and designer Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart grew up and spend many days freezing to her bones. To create real investment pieces, Leanne avoids being all too trendy and designs feminine, minimal and subtle coats instead. I especially love the a-line Swing Coat. Hmm… or do I like the classic double-breasted peacoat more? I can’t even decide…!

Besides classic winter shades like black or greige, you can also shop more colourful designs in green, orange and even the brightest shade of yellow. And the best thing: the Vaute Online Shop offers worldwide delivery!

all pictures © Vaute Couture