Less than two weeks and we are off to Portugal! Two days in wonderful Lisbon and five days in and around the ancient fisherman’s town Sesimbra, located in a bay a few kilometres south of Lisbon.

To be honest, I chose the town without knowing anything about it: The only musts were a beach, the sea and to get some rest. But since we will rent a car for the whole week, we will definitely visit some of Sesimbra’s gorgeous surroundings, the Arrábida National Park or go even further South in the direction of the famously beautiful Algarve. I’ll just say this: picturesque castles and castle ruins, dolphins living in the wild and a sunken shipwreck to be discovered just in front of the coastline. It will be my first ever visit to Portugal and I am already in love.

Have you been to Portugal before and have some tips and must-sees? Tell me in the comments below!

Sesimbra, Portugal | Pictures via Pinterest | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog all pictures via Pinterest