Upcycling, by definition, means “the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless and/or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value“. Sounds like DIY and crafty handwork to you? It doesn’t have to. Even though it definitely is upcycling when you repurpose an old men’s shirt into a summer dress for yourself in your spare time, there are companies that made a whole business out of this simple idea. With the market for sustainable fashion growing stronger season after season, the amount of upcycling fashion labels als gets bigger by the minute. In this post, I will give you a quick introduction to my favourites.

The Reformation

We make killer clothes that don’t kill the environment. This is the first sentence you see upon entering California based fashion label The Reformation. The Reformation uses overstocked fabric, used clothing and sustainably produced materials for their clothing. The result is a varying collection of cool, urban clothing for the fashionable girl next door. Designed, made and sent out all over the world directly from their factory in sunny LA.

The Reformation: sustainable upcycling fashion label from Los Angeles | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog © The Reformation

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage

You might recognize this one from my former posts – I have worn several pieces from ASOS Reclaimed Vintage on the blog before. This rayon polka dot two-piece and this geo print dress are among my favourites and not only because ASOS sources the fabric for their designs from deadstock materials, thus saving them from being thrown away. They also produce their clothing directly in a London factory.

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage: sustainable upcycling fashion label | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog © ASOS

Urban Renewal

Now of course, Urban Outfitters has their own upcycling line as well. Under the name of Urban Renewal, they sell used and reworked leather jackets, tops, dresses and much more. There are great designs among the many different collections, but every so often I discover a piece that’s way overpriced regarding the quality of the item. Nonetheless, I have found one of my favourite summer pieces there: a blue silk kimono made from Indian scarves.

Urban Renewal: sustainable upcycling fashion label | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog © Urban Outfitters