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  1. I love love love cats. I might have this in common with most women on this earth, but nonetheless I think that cats are the most amazing thing in the world.
  2. If I was a dog, I would be a German Toy Spitz. Tiny, lively (bordering on nerve-wrecking) and red-haired.
  3. My hair has never been as good as it is now: My hairdresser is Ivana at the Aveda salon at Berlin Kurfürstendamm. She is amazing. What I love most? The neck massage before everything starts.
  4. Vegan food is the best food. Well, that I love plant-based meals might have come through to you before, but I cannot stress it enough. I have started cutting out all the bad stuff from my diet more than 6 years ago after reading ‘Skinny Bitch’, so call me a trendsetter with the vegan movement! :P
  5. Health food is amazing. Period. Green smoothies, salads… give me more vegetables! <3
  6. My plan to develop a more sustainable shopping behaviour is going great. Also my new year’s resolution to not own more clothing than hangers and to create a more edited wardrobe is fabulous. I have never felt more free. My Kleiderkreisel shop is being filled up on a regular basis and it’s just waiting for you to have a look!
  7. The pair of scissors I have tattooed on my left wrist is a souvenir from my time in London back in 2010. It reminds me of the great time I had during my fashion design internship whenever I look at it.
  8. I would love to have more tattoos! I don’t lack ideas, but only need to find a suitable studio to get them done. So if you got inked here in Berlin and know a superb studio, please do tell me about it in the comments!
  9. I hate talking on the telephone. I don’t know why, but I don’t get why people find it amazing to talk for hours. Come here and talk to me face to face!
  10. I am also terrible at small talk. What am I supposed to say? Sometimes I start talking about the weather out of pure desperation. :D
  11. I don’t like fashion events. Which means: I love the events themselves, I think panels and talks are super interesting and I am honoured to be invited to events such as fashion week. But all the peacocking before and after the shows… no, just no.
  12. What unnerves me the most? People going to a fashion show just to take selfies of them being at the show. People, you are here to see fashion, not yourself!
  13. Most of my friends have nothing to do with the fashion business and I love it.
  14. In 46 days, I will be 27. Twentyseven! My friends are building houses, buying flats, get married and have kids. And me? A few months ago I have dropped everything in Graz and moved to Berlin to try my luck. And I love my life here.
  15. Right at the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend took a sneaky photo of me in his flat. He uploaded it onto his blog and called it “pixies are living in my flat”. And this is the exact reason why this place here is called WHAT PIXIES WEAR.

Palm print palazzo pants– Forever 21 via Kleiderkreisel
White wrap blouse – Sparkz
Sandals – H&M

Thrifted Palm Print Palazzo Pants | Berlin Summer Look | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog Thrifted Palm Print Palazzo Pants | Berlin Summer Look | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog all pictures by Florian Topf