Resort 2016 trend report: 70s boho. | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog 70s, Boho, Ethno, Hippie… call it what you want, one thing is for sure: this trend is going nowhere for the next year. Resort is one of the most commercial seasons for designers, so it’s no wonder they are holding on to the most successful trend of 2015. We are happy about it and say yes to culottes, buttoned midi skirts, folklore shirts, maxi dresses and the ever so popular fringe.


Resort 2016 trend report: denim. | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog Denim was scarcely seen on the big brands’ runways and in their lookbooks until recently, when it became an essential part of nearly every collection. For Resort 2016, the 70s trend continues to take over our jeans wear: wide leg pants, denim culottes and high waisted flares dominate our early spring closet besides cool denim bermudas.

Bomber jackets

Resort 2016 trend report: bomber jackets. | WHAT PIXIES WEAR – Fashion Blog

Softly and slowly, this one made its appearance throughout the years: Just in time for the beginning of 2016, the bomber jacket makes its way into the closet of every single fashionista out there. Whether you decide for on-trend metallic, feminine lace, cool denim oder classic leather – the classic retro jacket ist back.