You might have already seen it on Instagram: I have tried out Zalando’s new personal shopping service  ZALON. You know the system: you choose a wardrobe stylist online and after a short conultation via phone, they put together several looks for you. These services are mostly offered for men, so given that ZALON offers this service for us girls too, I was keen to give it a try. I still had my doubts: Would a stranger – who had never met or even seen me before – be able to offer me useful fashion advice? Try it out anyway, I thought as I clicked through the questionnaire on their website. To find the most suitable stylist, the potential customer is required to answer quite a lot of questions before they get through to the order process: Which colours do you wear? Which brands would you never wear? How much do you usually spend on clothes? What I liked most about the questionnaire were the model pics of several look with which I think you can describe your own look best. Click through the slideshow below to get an idea of what the questions were about and get a glimpse into the wonderfully clean website design:

In the end, I had a choice of three stylists and their Pinterest boards – and even though I found all of the girls very likable, I chose the lovely Carolina in the end, possibly because I liked the styles she pinned best, but maybe also because she is from Vienna ;) Our phone date was arranged with one click and admittedly, I was already super excited and a bit nervous. The talk we had was very nice, Carolina asked me about my style, my fashion idols, and made sure what was absolutely not going to be in my package. After a mere 15 minutes our counsellation was over and I was filled with anticipation for my parcel. You wanna know what was inside? Ta-dah!

Zalon by Zalando Testbericht Review-4 The first set of outfits was composed of several summery business styles in minimalist black and white. With all the minimalism, it was still playful. I totally fell in love with the black crepe blazer and matching shorts that make for a cute summer suit when worn with one of the flowy shirts and ankle boots. The summer dress, pants and sweet mini skirt were way too big on me, so unfortunately they had to be sent back.

Zalon by Zalando Testbericht Review-2 Ensemble #2 was comprised of two casual jeans looks that I both liked very much, most of all because when I shop, I usually go for black styles only. Carolina’s looks were a welcome change to my usual shopping habits. What I loved most was the whole denim jacket idea. Sadly, because apparently I am pretty tiny (and the clothes had a value of about 1000€), all of these items had to go back, but I will definitely keep the light blue head-to-toe denim look in my mind – I like it!

All in all, I can recommend ZALON for everyone who doesn’t like to shop themselves. If – like me – you know exactly what you like (and not like) to wear or if you need specific style advice, I think here you are in good hands. Of course I can only speak for my stylist Carolina, but I believe the service itself is pretty good. I don’t think I will order again anytime soon, because I love the act of styling way too much myself, but I would recommend ZALON specifically for special occasions or busy business people with too little time on their hands. Personally, I was super inspired to try out new looks especially the casual ones, and a denim jacket is now on top of my wishlist!