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What a wonderful feeling to have cleaned out your closet. Separate from things you don’t need anymore, but also the ones you love but don’t suit or even fit you anymore… let me tell you, it’s such a wonderful feeling! Within the last months I have had the pleasure (well… more or less) to go through this process several times: When we moved from Graz to Berlin, I was forced to get rid of a big part of my wardrobe – and was left with 15 (!) boxes of neatly vacuum packed clothes… Shoes not yet included. Once again I was reminded of the fact that we live in such luxury, it’s not even believable. I even felt kind of embarrassed at the huge amount of stuff I owned. The only good thing I thought was to donate a good amount of stuff to charity – it was the least I could do.

But I had to minimize my wardrobe another time: Would there be an affordable AirBnB flat in Berlin that could fit all my clothes? Well, haha. Of course not. With a bit more than four suitcases, my boyfriend and me moved into our temporary flat and it was within in the time living there that I realized that all you need to be well dressed is one rack of clothes. And no, your outfits won’t be boring from this point on. I even felt like living with such a tightly edited wardrobe made me more creative when putting together different looks in the morning. And I haven’t felt that nagging “I have nothing to wear” feeling at all throughout our time there.

Whenever I own more clothes than hangers, something has to go.

In February, we finally found a flat that met all your needs and fulfilled all our wishes, and I dreaded the day I had to unpack the 15 boxes of clothes I had almost forgotten about (“dread” maybe isn’t the right word here, I knew there would be treasures to be found). So within the last months, I have edited and re-edited my wardrobe systematically and even though I love to shop from time to time – be it new clothes, vintage or thrifted pieces – I have made one rule for myself: Whenever I own more clothes than hangers, something has to go.

This does not only prevent me from drowning in unused clothes, but also gives you an opportunity to shop my closet on Kleiderkreisel. Go ahead, have a look! :)

Studded dress | gold sequin tube dress | lace skater dress

Shop my closet on Kleiderkreisel!