Shopping will definitely be out of bounds for me for the next few months (Berlin is getting nearer and nearer… only a few days to go!), but that doesn’t mean that cape-fever has not gotten a hold of me, too! I have had an on/off love affair with capes and ponchos ever since I can think, and the rich selection of them this season really makes my heart sing. I always look forward to wearing them on these fall days when it’s still warm enough to show off your wrists with dainty bracelets or short leather gloves, but cool enough to start the layering game. Now with the dropping temperatures, I love to wear them on top of a classic black coat as an easy way to add a bit of a twist to it… and also another layer to keep me warm. ;)

Casual Cape.
Topshop cape | Salvatore Ferragamo chelsea boots | Saint Laurent bag

If 95% of my clothes weren’t already waiting for me in Berlin while I’m sitting around in an empty flat in Graz, how would I wear a cape these days? At the moment, I’m more into casual clothes than preppy skirts and super high heels, so I could very well imagine dressing up a pair of classic washed denim skinnies and some nice chelsea boots (already seen my fav pair?) with a checked or patterned variation of the declared it-piece of the season. A white cashmere sweater underneath could add a hint of elegance while a black turtleneck would make for a sportier look. Oh and by the way, isn’t the checked cape by Topshop above very Sherlock Holmes?

Want one right now? Shop capes here:

For those of you who like it less casual – or if you are already preparing yourself for the holiday parties ahead – try elegant brocade capes or cape blazers (like this one by Richard Nicoll), or my personal favourite of the season: the Marc by Marc Jacobs faux bow chiffon cape. ♥

The ones above were too casual for you? Try these:

What’s your take on the cape trend?

Have you succumbed to the fever or do you have enough of this season’s it-piece already?