I admit it, I’m a dreamer. As moving to Berlin comes closer and closer and we have started looking for flats, I find myself caught (or rather lost) in the world of home furnishing and decorations every so often. That’s not a bad thing – not at all – but instead of dreaming away I guess I should think about the stuff we really need. Like a bed. Or a kitchen. Or an actual flat, I guess that should be the very first thing on my list. ;)

I am sure none of you lovelies have missed out on the fruit print trend in the last months – and it seems like I have a particular thing for fruit inspired home decor. Most of the things I wouldn’t really want to spend that much money on… but isn’t the pineapple lamp above just fabulous? ♥

Click through for more fruit inspired home decor: watermelon, apples and bananas!

Sadly, that watermelon ball chair isn’t available anywhere… but if you find it somewhere, do tell me! I’m willing to (re-)decorate the whole living room around it.

PS: Aren’t these fruit bowls with the banana holder fantastic? We eat tons of bananas and I always find it hard to just lay them onto our fruit bowl (which is made of an old vinyl single) and make them look nice… first world problem, I know. ;)