Finding the first sentence for a post is the hardest – maybe even harder than finding the title – and I’ve literally just spent ours trying to think one up. But nothing. Because all the while I’m just so in awe to see all the things that happened, the tiny things I already forgot and the bigger things I’m proud of and love to recall.
What now seems like ages ago, in January, I started my partnership with nowistyle, styling outfits for their online shop, which I really love doing. And there were also 10 days we spent in New York back in February, attending New York Fashion Week and all! And what a breathtakingly wonderful and exciting city it is – I absolutely cannot wait to go back.


I just loved going back through all the posts and see how much I’ve changed and what I’ve achieved, or even how my style changes constantly – I’ve worn things this year I’m sure I’ll never wear again. I have always loved the effect of striped pants but oh my god has Robin Thicke ruined them for me!
That’s also what I love so much about blogging: Keeping a visual record of my life. It makes me so proud to see how much my blogging skills have developed, how much I have learned and I’m also so so pleased to see how our photography skills have improved, especially over the summer. ♥


In July, we went to Berlin for fashion week. It was love at first sight when I arrived there, and I created a Berlin photo diary with my Lomo LC-A that I still love to look through. And I’m sooo excited to tell you we’ll be going back to Berlin again in two weeks’ time for the fall 2014 shows! We’ll still have to work during our stay, urgh, but I just can’t wait to just be in Berlin again – the city’s got such a very specific kind of beauty that is plain captivating.


The time since summer just seems to have run by so fast – I have started to take advertising classes that I really love, but besides that, everything’s still a bit of a blur.
I have so many plans for next year and can’t wait to make them happen! I have planned big things for the blog as well as my whole life and now I just can’t wait to see what 2014 will have in store for me!

I’m wishing all of you lovelies a wonderful year – I already know it’s going to be totally amazing!