Tobi backless lace dress Lipsy statement bow Buffalo heels-1 We shot these pictures near the town I grew up in, which is a very beautiful place except for this old power plant, that has been out of order for years and years and now they’re finally tearing it down. Its ugliness has been so dominant within the landscape that, at least for me, there’s certainly some sentimental value to it (I’m not sure if I’m going to miss it, though). Just in case anyone’s interested, here is a short video so you can convince yourself of the amazing ugliness. ;)

The dress I’m wearing is another one I got with the 50% off for new customers at Tobi. I’ve been browsing around their shop again yesterday and have to take back what i said here. There are lots and lots of amazing dresses online now and I was very tempted to order again. But don’t worry, I resisted – we still need to book our flights to Berlin, a trip I just can’t wait for! ♥

Tobi backless lace dress Lipsy statement bow Buffalo heels-2

all pictures by Florian Topf

Lace cage back skater dress, Tobi / statement bow alice band, Lipsy / oversized beaded necklace, H&M / platform heels, Buffalo London