Zara Sequin Pants-4
I love sequin pants.

I accidentally stumbled upon this particular pair in the kids section at Zara. Even though I have to admit that they’re a tiny bit on the short side, I love how they make it so easy to casually add a little sparkle to your daytime outfit. And they turned out to be just the right choice for a quick visit to Vienna on my day off.
Oh, and if you can’t help noticing my amazingly tired face, this is what I look like after getting up at 4 am and buying too many clothes in too little time. ;)

Zara Sequin Pants-3 Zara Sequin Pants 1 Zara Sequin Pants-2 all pictures by Florian Topf all pictures by Florian Topf

Silver sequin trousers, Zara / faux fur jacket, New Yorker / wedge ankle boots and black shoulder bag, H&M