It’s down to you. You can shine.

There’s already some snow around here in Austria, so I spent yesterday at home drinking tea, decorating, reading magazines and taking these pictures, which are so essentially me. Soft pastel colours, the sweet lace dress I made in spring paired with a leather collar, only a few accessories, Vogue magazine. And I finally got my hair cut again. I’m excited to have my fringe back, I didn’t feel like myself without it. I’m so happy! All this time I was listening to Patrick Wolf‘s wonderful new album Sundark and Riverlight, which I got on vinyl. It’s so much more fun playing a record! Patrick Wolf is such an amazing artist, his music is a huge source of inspiration for me.

♫ Patrick Wolf – Paris ♫


Blue lace dress, made by me / faux leather collar, New Yorker / braided belt, Forever21

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