Days off.

The first weekend of our trip we spent in Amsterdam. This is such an amazingly crazy city, I immediately fell in love. We arrived early on Saturday, so we had a long day of just wandering around and really taking in the city.

(Love the combination of me being touristy and the man on the bicycle looking at the prostitute in her window in the background!)

Sunday was mainly spent in a park with a free Reggae concert, lazing around and enjoying the sunshine. On our walk back to our apartment (which was so dirty and smelly I couldn’t believe how disgusting it was, but looking back now, it was kind of funny) we were strolling through the red light district one more time and I was amazed at how diverse this city is! All in one place: churches, prostitutes, day-care centers for children and live sex shows. I will definitely go there again and I took lots of pictures with my boyfriend’s Lomo LC-A. I’m very excited to see how they will turn out.

After this adventurous weekend, we went off to Friesland to go on a week long boat trip It was mainly a week of reading magazines, relaxing, sleeping in the sun and getting off the boat in the evening to discover beautiful small towns. The places we visited were lovely, I adore the Dutch style of decorating their homes. Finally taking a week off work was wonderful! I sort of took a week off fashion, too. Jeans, t-shirts and cardigans were what I wore most. And I loved it, though I’m glad I’m back to dressing well again ;)

all pictures by Florian Topf


PS: I’m featured as one of the Editor’s picks of the day on! I’m honoured, thank you so much!

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