Blue lace.

Now that I’m back and everything’s nice and calm again, I can finally show you the dress I made back in spring. I love it so much!

There are so many ways to style it and it’s already one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe – I wear it to work, on days off and nights out.
To take these pictures, we went to this public garden we like so much, it’s got such wonderful spots like this bed in a high wooden frame with a seashell to listen to and relax.
Hope I’ll find the time to show you the pictures I took in Amsterdam and on the house boat we rented very soon. I had such an amazing time!

pictures by Florian Topf

Lace dress, made by me / belt, Primark / necklace, H&M / watch, Urban Outfitters / bag, Claire’s / nail polish, Chanel Le Vernis 551 Coco Blue

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    • breakfastpixie

      Thank you so much! Yes, I made this :) I went to a college for fashion design, but because I still live in this small town (and can’t move away until my boyfriend graduates in 2013) I’m a sales assistant now. I can’t wait until we move to London!


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