I love the French Riviera.

I always love visiting farmer’s markets, especially the one in Antibes. I love to see the colourful vegetables, fruits and the vast amount of spices they offer! The colours, shapes, smells are so inspiring.

Of course we visited Monaco as well, but the the whole city was already getting ready for the Formula 1 race that was to be held at the end of the week. We left pretty soon, as it isn’t that much fun to walk around between fences and barriers.

I love the last few pictures taken by my boyfriend on the last evening we spent in Nice (I was wearing an Asos dress and a pashmina shawl borrowed from my mum).
It was the funniest dinner I’ve had in ages, we were joking around and making fun of just about everybody; I think the only reason they didn’t throw us out was that we paid a lot for our dinner, haha. There’s always a little smile on my lips and I believe you can see the happiness in my eyes. I love travelling so much, it just gives me that enormous sense of contentment. I can’t wait to go abroad again.