Found a video interview with Roberto Cavalli on D this morning and here’s what he says:

I see young people coming out of design schools and they are too minimalist. Probably because their professors are too minimalist, because they have professors who follow styles of design that are too industrial and commercial.

I also share his opinion on American fashion. How come nobody has said this before? This is exactly what I think about it.

Just look at American fashion, which is almost fashion, it’s terrible and you almost can’t even look at it, but it has been driven by a great journalist, Anna Wintour, who wants all women to be like her and to dress the way she does.

Maybe the way he puts it is a tad too straightforward, but still. I can’t agree more.

However, to me the most important thing he said was:

I created a job for myself, why? Because I believed in myself.

People should be told this more often. They could achieve so much more if they believed in themselves!

See the full interview here.