In love right now: Dahlia.

Bohemian Lace Midi Dress | Floral Top with Cut Work | Lace Yoke Collar Blouse | Stripy Floral Top | Mesh Skater Skirt

Lovelies, I can’t even tell you how much I am in the mood for spring these days and the sun just won’t come out! So meanwhile, I’m spending my time window shopping for spring gear online ;) Most recently, I have kept returning to fab UK label Dahlia‘s shop, not only for their great selection of clothes, but also their stunning models. I am madly in love with the brunette girl’s hairdo! (Why can’t we have heart-eyed emojis on regular keyboards…? Hello, Apple, I NEED this!)

I have known Dahlia, which is run by two lovely sisters, for years already and it’s a shame I never got around to get myself a piece from one of their always so pretty collections. They do beautiful lookbooks, too! I still hope I’ll get to check out their London boutique one day ♥

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Baby pink.

baby blue boxy top zara pink heels fascinator spring outfit WHAT PIXIES WEAR fashion blog-1

Happy Easter, lovelies! ♥

Hope you’re having a great weekend! Some of you might recognize these super cute new baby pink Zara heels I got this week from my Instagram – I’m so happy I got them, they’re my little Easter present to myself ;) and I just had to wear them immediately at our traditional Easter Saturday lunch. Tell me, lovelies, what are you up to this Easter weekend? ♥

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Bows and guns.

Johnny Loves Rosie oversized hairbow gun tights petite mesh dress spring WHAT PIXIES WEAR fashion blog-9

Whenever someone forces me to describe my style, I will most likely define it as cute and girly, with a good amount of hearts and bows, but never without edge. I dress for myself only and make sure I never take things too seriously. I always stand out in a crowd, whether I want it or not (but trust me, a lot of times it’s the latter around here).
We live in a relatively small and provincial city* and as much as I dislike being stared at like an object, I love to observe the expressions on people’s faces when they see my outfits. The moment when the amused look I get for the oversized bow changes to a “WTF?” expression as their eyes find the gun print on my tights is priceless. ;)

Johnny Loves Rosie oversized hairbow gun tights petite mesh dress spring WHAT PIXIES WEAR fashion blog-7

*We’re living in beautiful Graz, Austria, to be exact. But not for long – we’ll be residents of the fabulous city of Berlin in a matter of months! I am sosososososoooo excited already, I can’t even find words for it! ♥♥♥

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